8 Things Every Pet Owner Needs


If you’ve made the leap to get a new pet, you are likely wondering which essentials you need to ensure the latest addition to your family is happy and healthy! With so many pet accessories available, it isn’t easy to decide what to buy. 

You need to consider what you will need for their health, whether or not to get a doorway screen with magnets, and the fun toys and treats they’ll love the most! 

To help you be a successful pet owner, we have put together a list of eight essentials. Continue reading to discover which items will make your pet feel at home!

1. Food and water bowls

Of course, your new pet will need food and water, but you also need somewhere to put these essentials. With so many options available, it will be hard to decide which to get. We recommend simple stainless steel bowls that you can easily clean in the dishwasher. Bonus points if they have rubber on the bottom and don’t slide on the floor! Don’t forget to get portable versions so you can go on any adventure with your pet.

2. An air-tight container for pet food

Once you open a large pet food bag, any critter, bug, or pest can crawl inside. With an air-tight container, you can easily keep out unwanted creatures and contain pet food odor. Many options exist, but we recommend a lightweight plastic option with a twistable top. In addition, don’t forget that you will also need a cup or scoop to get the food out! 

3. Collar and leash

All pets need a collar and leash when it’s time to walk! Get a collar that fits your animal well and has a place to attach an ID tag. If you expect your pet to grow a lot, you may want to get an adjustable one. As for the leash, buy something that gives your dog enough space to play and feel free. If you go for leather or nylon, the leash will last the longest. 

4. Pet first aid kit

A pet first aid kit is vital for every pet owner, and it might not be the first thing you think to buy when getting a new furry friend. Stock up on items like gauze, cotton balls, hydrogen peroxide, an ice pack, and more to ensure you have everything you need if something is to happen. While you likely have a vet, preparing yourself for any circumstance is better!

5. Pet door

If you have a fenced-in home or patio, a great addition is a doorway screen with magnets! It’s an excellent way for your animal to go in and outside freely. The door will work wonders if you’re potty training, as they can go outside as soon as they need to. Having a pet door will reduce some of the stress of getting a new pet and also make them feel more at home!

6. Toys and treats

You can’t be a pet owner unless you have plenty of toys and treats! While they usually end up all over the house, toys are the best way to keep your pet entertained and happy. In addition, no pet in history doesn’t love a good treat. Whether you use them for training your animal or you want to reward them for being so cute and well-behaved, a canister of goodies will go a long way with your pet!

7. Pet bed

A pet bed is another crucial element to ensure your pet is cozy! As pets sleep most of the day, you should get them a bed they will love! When choosing the best pet bed, consider the material, size, cost, and design. In addition, once you find a style that your pet loves, you won’t have to worry about them wanting to climb on your sofa or bed!

8. Grooming items

Even if you’re planning to take your animal to the groomer often, it’s good to have some grooming items at home. Be sure to get dog-friendly soap and shampoo to keep their fur shiny and healthy. Having a pet brush on hand is also a great idea. It can remove loose hair and prevent stray hairs from shedding all over the house. Your pet will also love the massage it gives!


With these eight pet essentials, you will be more than ready to be the best pet owner! As you gather what you need, consider the size and age of your pet and the recommendations given to you by the vet. Trust us! Your pet will be as happy as you are once you check each item off the list!

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