Floods Happen All the Time On Planet Earth – It Is Not Global Climate Warming Hope or Change


Is your family ready for the 100-year flood? Most of mine is but a good number of them live close to the beach and it’s hard to get out of our heads that footage of the Japanese Tsunami a few years ago. It turns out that of all the potential natural disasters, floods have killed more humans on planet earth than any other – that is if you consider tidal surges from Hurricanes, Cyclones and Typhoons. Yes, let’s talk about all this because the National Flood Insurance Program is busy re-drawing the flood maps for our entire country.

Dark Government online news had an interesting article posted on September 15, 2013 titled; “500 Missing as Colorado Flood Continues to Rage,” which told of the disaster in the summer of 2013 there, the article noted, amongst other things:

“Heavy rains caused flash-flooding from Fort Collins to Colorado Springs; Residents are urged to leave now or risk being stranded for weeks with no water or power; National Weather Service says over 1 foot of rainfall since September 1, breaks 73-year-old record for month; Surging floodwaters in Boulder, evacuation of 4,000 and; Obama approved federal disaster assistance & National Guard dispatched.”

I nearly blew a fuse when I listened to a global warming alarmist and PR blog writer who said; “this is proof that humans are altering the weather on our planet, causing terrible natural disasters.” Well, I am sorry, but that is just horse-dung, let me explain why.

You see, that canyon is there for a reason, it was carved over millions of years by water flows just like this one, how arrogant for humans to think that it couldn’t happen again and build there, then deny to leave when all the warnings were out. Amazing these folks in a highly academic area with all their PhD population density average were so na├»ve. Now they will probably say it was global warming – no, it’s called “life on the surface of planet earth.”

Do you know what’s even more arrogant; to think that humans putting out more CO2, a trace gas in our atmosphere, can alter the planet’s weather so much as to cause things like Hurricane Sandy, this flood in Colorado, or even the beach erosion off the East Coast a couple of weeks later. The reality is we live on the surface of the planet, and all the terrain we have got there from storms, weather, and erosion over millions of years, along with Earthquakes and the occasional incoming asteroid – so, don’t worry about it – chill out. Please consider all this and think on it.

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