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Savvy networkers are always looking for ways to maximize and build their networks. They have a plan in place, are strategic and steadily measuring their progress. Another excellent method for effectively networking is starting a mastermind group. This term was first coined by Napoleon Hill in the 1920’s. He defined it as two or more people coming together in harmony to solve problems. Almost 100 yrs. later, the concept is very useful for developing relationships, gaining support and being successful in your endeavors.

Listed below are helpful tips for creating and establishing a functional group.

Rules of Engagement

In the process of creating and organizing a mastermind group, make sure that proper expectations are set. Designate someone in charge of laying the ground rules, organizing the agenda and scheduling the meetings. Once in place, the group can rotate responsibilities accordingly. This gives flexibility and a balance to the dynamics of the group.

Purpose and Mission

As the group develops, it is key to create a purpose and mission for the sessions. In regards to networking, consider discussing topics for being efficient in networking, growing networks and sharing resources. Another beneficial practice is to offer leads, referrals and introductions when needed. This also allows members to support and encourage each other in their journey.

Revise Goals

Common interests and needs may evolve as the mastermind group progresses. A good idea is to create quarterly goals to identify and evaluate what is relevant to the group. As the time passes on, the group can easily adjust and stay current to their purpose and mission.

Definitely use these tips to get the most out of your networking and group. Be focused on development, building relations and offering solutions for success.

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