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Whether you have a motor insurance policy or may be planning to get one, it’s advisable to understand the requirement and process alongside the application.

Motor insurance is a policy where the insurer agrees to pay for any loss the owner or driver of the vehicle might have to pay because of damage to property or injury. Motor insurance policies differ in terms of risk coverage, inclusions, and exclusions. *

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You can maximise your plan benefits by using some of the suggestions mentioned below –

What’s third-party insurance?

This covers your legal duty for third-party bodily or property harm caused by your vehicle. Third-party insurance is mandatory by the Motor Vehicles Act 1988.

What is comprehensive insurance?

A comprehensive motor insurance policy protects your vehicle from theft, vandalism, and fire, in addition to third-party liability. It also protects your vehicle against natural or man-made calamities, including floods, cyclones, earthquakes, riots, etc.

Can I make a cashless claim?

Insurers may offer cashless claims. You may not have to pay a single penny for the vehicle repairs if the policy has a cashless cover. The insurer may cover these expenditures on your behalf. Ensure that you read the terms and conditions of your cashless insurance before buying one.

Any insurer-affiliated garage provides this service. If you go to a non-network garage, you may have to pay for repairs and claim reimbursement.

Why buy multi-year two-wheeler insurance?

A three-year motor insurance policy covers your vehicle without annual renewal. It helps individuals who may accidentally forget vehicle insurance renewal dates or don’t want to renew annually.

Long-term policies offer reduced premiums and more extended coverage. *

* Standard T&C Apply

What insurance add-ons are recommended?

Zero-depreciation, engine protection, and claim bonus protector are a few options for comprehensive vehicle insurance. Personal casualty, zero-depreciation, and cashless hospitalisation can be a few motor insurance add-ons to look for. *

What is a no-claim bonus?

The insurer rewards no-claim years with a claim bonus. This award reduces premiums by up to 20–50%, depending on the insurer. NCB is available if you renew your policy within 90 days.

Can I renew my motor insurance online?

Online vehicle insurance renewal takes minutes. You can obtain it by following the steps outlined below –

  •  Visit the site.
  • Complete the renewal form with your vehicle information.
  • Online payment after the premium quote.
  • Instantly receive a policy PDF.

What if someone else is driving your vehicle during a casualty?

If someone else drives your vehicle with your permission, the insurer may pay up to the sum assured regardless.

Under what situation can your claim be denied?

Your claim may be denied if:

  • If you were driving under the influence, you would be found guilty.
  • If you’ve already used the policy’s insured sum within the given period.
  • If the claims made is not a part of the policy’s inclusions.

 Claim processing time?

The insurer gives you a claim number. After submitting the necessary documentation, your claim can be processed easily by following the insurer’s terms and conditions.


You can either explore the websites of motor insurance aggregators or buy the coverage straight from an insurance provider. Make sure to evaluate the cost of the premium and different policies carefully. It’s easy to find suitable options by using a motor insurance calculator online. Pay close attention to the exclusions and read online testimonials to avoid problems regarding the claim procedure.

Insurance is the subject matter of solicitation. For more details on benefits, exclusions, limitations, terms, and conditions, please read the sales brochure/policy wording carefully before concluding a sale.

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