The Best Office Printer (2022)


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Black office printer

Black office printer

An office printer is unquestionably one of the most important tools for a successful business. Whether you need to reproduce some colorful flyers or process some special work documents, having a multifunctional printer is extremely necessary. But, with the number of options available online, how can you possibly find one that will fit your budget and meet all your requirements? Well, your day just got a little easier. In this guide, we will be moving across some of the highest-rated office printers for 2022. We also included a buyer’s guide that will help you make a sound decision as well as answer some questions you may have.

Top Picks

Best overall: HP Office Printer

Safeguard against cyberattacks with built-in protection

Safeguard against cyberattacks with built-in protection

The HP Office Printer is designed to keep your business operating seamlessly. It allows you to copy, inspect and print top-quality documents anytime. This option also helps protect valuable company data and prevents cyber-attacks with built-in protection inside the firmware, OS, and hardware. With just an easy click of a button, you can automate steps and apply saved settings. Not only will this help you save invaluable time, but it will also make the entire operation a lot more convenient. Designed to be environmentally friendly, this printer has built-in technology that prevents paper waste and saves up to 22% on energy. Thanks to its top-notch performance, this option stands out as the best overall on this list.

Key Features:

All-purpose design: Canon Office Printer

Conveniently view and refill ink using ink bottles with integrated ink tanks

Conveniently view and refill ink using ink bottles with integrated ink tanks

Next on our list, we have an office printer made by a popular manufacturer named Canon. The company started with only a handful of employees and a lot of passion but quickly evolved into a world-renowned brand that a lot of businesses trust. This specific model is just one of their top-quality products. It has a high, page-tiled print and can conveniently handle a large number of plain papers at a time, making your work more efficient and resulting in better productivity overall. Unlike most models, this option can even connect to your favorite devices with the help of its “air print” function. This way, you will be able to conveniently print out different kinds of documents or pictures that you have on your phone — pretty cool, right?

Key Features:

Most convenient: Brother Office Printer

Connect via wireless or gigabit ethernet network interfaces, access wireless printing from your mobile device

Connect via wireless or gigabit ethernet network interfaces, access wireless printing from your mobile device

This option can print on almost anything, from plain paper and card stock to envelopes and labels. It produces high-quality colors and is perfectly suited for most toners. You will be able to use this product with cloud access or a USB host. On top of everything, this printer offers double-sided printing and an automatic, dash-replenishment feature that can help save a lot of time and money. This product is ideal for every business or home because it’s convenient, super easy to use, and efficient. Also, we should mention that this particular model also comes with a one-year limited warranty from the manufacturer — what a relief.

Key Features:

  • Adjustable, 250-sheet capacity

  • Prints at a speed of 33 ppm

  • Touchscreen controls

Elite design: Epson Office Printer

Your business needs a printer that’s fast, affordable, easy to use, and has premium productivity features

Your business needs a printer that’s fast, affordable, easy to use, and has premium productivity features

Moving on, we have the new and redesigned version of the Epson Office Printer. Thanks to its voice control setting and wireless connectivity, you will be able to control the entire system without needing to press any buttons at all. This option has up to two years’ worth of ink and is configured to help reduce cartridge waste, so it also helps with reducing environmental pollution. It produces high-quality prints too and has an automatic document feeder for improved paper handling. Plus, as a bonus from the manufacturer, you also receive an all-on-one manual, a CD-Rom for setup, and a few bottles of coloring.

Key Features:

  • 250-count, paper tray

  • Speed of 9.1 ppm

  • 2.4-inch, color display

Most compact: Lexmark Office Printer

Standard Wi-Fi makes it easy to print from mobile devices, USB and Ethernet connectivity are also available

Standard Wi-Fi makes it easy to print from mobile devices, USB and Ethernet connectivity are also available

If you need a printer that’s fast, practical, and convenient — that’s what Lexmark provides. This model is incredibly compact and can fit almost anywhere. This option also has a large tray capacity making it ideal for printing, scanning, and even copying. Setup is fast and easy too. This product has a wireless operation that enables printing from mobile devices. There’s also USB and Ethernet connectivity available. And this printer includes a full-spectrum framework to keep your information safe. This is an environmentally friendly option that’s also beneficial in terms of affordability and budgeting.

Key Features:

How to find your next office printer: A buyer’s guide

In our handy buyer’s guide, we will be moving through all of the important factors that you should keep in mind when shopping for a new office printer. So, if this is your first time purchasing something like this, then we definitely urge you to stay with us until the end. Without wasting any more time, let’s jump straight into our step-by-step guide!

Are printers still necessary?

Although the world has become more digital, printers are still a crucial part of almost any business. Here are reasons why they are still very necessary for offices:

  • Printed is still the standard: Despite advancements, printed material (government forms, contracts, and hardcopy reports) is still the accepted norm.

  • Offers credibility: Believe it or not, a printed document offers a lot more credibility than digital copies.

  • Easier to read: Printed materials are a lot more convenient to read — and they don’t cause the same kind of eye fatigue and strain as e-documents.

The main factors to consider when purchasing office printers

Searching for the perfect office printer can be a lot of work. You can make things a lot easier by considering the following factors:

1. Type

There are two different types of printers: inkjet and laser. Typically, laser printers are a lot better. They offer a reasonable quality output and can handle any kind of imprints, even when there is a lot of text involved. But, these models do have one disadvantage — they don’t work well with pictures.

So, if you’re planning to use the printer for pictures, then obviously, an inkjet version is a lot more suitable for you. It will also provide you with higher brilliance and contrast.

2. Speed

Speed is, without a question, one of the most fundamental factors that you should keep in mind before buying something.

For instance, if your office prints a significant number of documents per month, then you should stick with a model with high processing speeds and larger printing capacities.

3. Paper Type

Next, don’t forget to see whether the specific model you’re planning to purchase can easily handle all the types of paper you plan on using. While most printers are configured to print on A4 paper, some can even handle legal-size and letter-size documents.

4. Support

Also, consider if the printer has a robust support system. Does the technical support team respond quickly? Are the parts easy to replace? Are there user guides and tutorial videos available? The answer to these questions will help you make an informed decision.

Maintenance tips you should actually know

Just like other electronic devices, printers require regular maintenance to perform optimally. Here are a few tips:

  • Keep the printer dust free by cleaning it regularly

  • Check the toner and ink levels consistently

  • Turn off the printer using its switch — do not unplug it to turn it off

  • Update your printer’s firmware and drivers consistently

People also asked

Q: Why is my office printer displaying “printer error”?

A: The printer error message is caused when a printer’s drivers are outdated or when there’s a loose connection. To fix this issue, check your printer’s paper tray, the cable, and it’s port. Disconnect the printer and reconnect again. Run the troubleshooter and update the driver software.

Q: Can I connect my office printer to my smartphone?

A: It depends on what kind of printer you own. Generally, some models will allow you to connect your smart device and control all the operations without even touching the printer. You can see whether your printer is capable of doing this by going through its settings and options.

Q: How can I refill my printer’s ink?

A: This can vary from one specific model to another. So, in order to do it correctly, we strongly advise you to follow the user manual or get in communication with the manufacturer.

Q: My office printer arrived damaged — what should I do?

A: The very first thing that you should do is stay calm and take pictures of the printer. Next, get in communication with the supplier and send them some proof. After that, they should be able to help resolve the issue and provide you with a replacement or fix the one that you currently have. This can vary depending on a manufacturer’s specific policy.

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