The Networking Superhero


Writers and story book authors create popular tales from make believe circumstances and scenarios. Although the themes are relatively the same, good always overcomes evil and everyone lives happily ever after. And the heroes in these fiction stories are probably the epitome of present day power networkers. These heroes are resourceful, aware of their environments or surroundings, effectively use their powers or skills and have a vision for success or winning. They also have a group or team of friends which represent their network. This team usually has powers or abilities which compliment the overall team. Business professionals, entrepreneurs and students can use these story book hero characteristics to be champions in their networking activities.

Listed below are a few traits which story book heroes obtain that are practical for professionals in the networking arenas.

Discover Your Super Powers

Although we can not fly, turn things into ice, or spurt webs from our wrists, professionals do have super powers or talents that can make them unique in networking and business. The key is to familiarize yourself with your super power (or in this case talent) and develop it into a multi-faceted skill. Use it everyday and be aware of how it can be used to develop your personality or image and brand. Super heroes are distinctly known by their super powers. Power networkers should be distinctly known by their talents and abilities.

Build Your Super Team

There is not one super hero that saved the day by themselves. Each prominent super hero had at least one friend or sidekick that helped them in their endeavors. The same should be for networking heroes. Professionals should design or create a team or network. The network should be strong and compliment all of the team members. You and your team should meet periodically and be able to identify and support each other’s talents and abilities.

Know Your Mission

Super heroes are prided on their keen abilities to sense trouble or know how to solve problems. They are much focused and have an outlined mission for achieving victories and defeating the bad guys. Power networkers should clearly know their mission and objective for networking. They should be able to solve problems and create solutions to champion their cause for success in the business and social worlds.

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