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Using a hipped roof on your backyard shed, is yet another style that can be used. The hipped or hip roof, is a roof design consisting of four sides. Each side slopes down towards one of the four walls. The slope of each side is usually not very steep. A square hipped roof would be shaped like a pyramid. The slope would be the same on all sides of the roof.

The hipped roof is less likely to peel off during high winds, such those produced in a hurricane. It would be a better choice than a shed using a gabled roof in hurricane prone regions. It is interesting to note that in the State of Florida, windstorm insurance companies are obligated to offer discounts to customers who use this type of roof in the construction of a larger building such as a house.

Constructing a shed using a hipped roof would be more difficult than constructing one using a gable style roof. However building the walls would be simpler, as there would be no gable involved in the design. If you were using a square hipped roof, you would just have to construct four walls of the same size and shape.

This type of shed could have eaves all the way around the roof, protecting the walls from the elements. Using this style of shed reduces the amount of storage space available in the roof. If having as much storage space as possible is important, selecting a more appropriate shed style should be considered. The barn style shed will give you more storage space underneath the roof. The design of this roof is multi pitched, Each side consists of two sections each having different slopes. The upper section have a steeper slope or pitch the lower section.

Another type of shed to consider is the pent roof style shed. It consists of single pitched roof. It will be easier to construct than other shed designs.This type of shed could be placed next to a larger building, such as a house or barn.7

there many other shed designs to consider depends on your needs, One such design is the clerestory style shed. This is ideal for those who need a work space that is well lighted, The roof of this shed had a row of windows in the roof, that allows natural lighting to beam into the interior. The roof consists of two sections with a row of windows located between them.

Lastly, using quality backyard shed plans in the construction of you shed is recommended. Using quality proven backyard shed plans will aid you in constructing you shed with the least amount of frustration.

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