The Benefits of Social Networking on Your Social Life


I remember when the internet was just starting to get really popular. Many folks feared it would be the end of social interaction. They pictured everyone huddled away in their rooms, typing anonymously to strangers, and giving up any form of human contact whatsoever. Well, as we have seen, this is not the case. In fact, thanks to the advent of social networking, people have been more active than ever before meeting new people, re-connecting with old friends, and learning about different cultures from all over the world. One thing that social networking sites have done is give folks a new and perhaps safer method of online dating.

Social Networks, unlike traditional methods of meeting someone, allow you a pretty in depth method of “checking someone out” before you actually meet them. Most social network profiles contain information about the person’s interests, work life, family life, and much more. You can even see who a person is connected to as well, and oftentimes this is how folks meet.

Let’s imagine that you just re-connected to an old high school friend. You may not have talked to them in years, but thanks to social networking sites, here you are, messaging away to your old buddy! Then let’s imagine you start scrolling through the pictures of the people they are connected to online. You see someone who is cute, and you would like to know a little more about them. Your friend can give you the scoop, and perhaps even do an online introduction. This process can be much simpler than trying to arrange an in person date, and MUCH less nerve wracking. Spending a few minutes chatting online with someone is far less intimidating than showing up face to face for a blind date, wouldn’t you agree?

In addition, meeting someone through a social network can be a lot like meeting someone through a personal ad, only with a few more “quality checkpoints” installed. Online dating personal ads have been around pretty much since the first power up of the internet years ago. The problem is, on your dating profile, it seems that people tend to exaggerate just a bit. I know you are shocked, but it’s true. They assume that the only people who will see their ad are others who are “looking for love” as well, and they want to seem as desirable as possible. The same can be true of social networks of course, but while folks may try to put their best foot forward, the fact that all of their friends will see their profile tends to discourage outright lying.

As far as communicating with those you meet on social networks, the methods are plenty. You can message them right through the platform, chat with them in real time, upload video or audio clips, or perhaps even talk to them live using an interface like Skype for instance.

It is important to keep in mind that many folks who are members of social networks are not on there exclusively for the purpose of dating. But, if you are looking for true love, spending some time on your favorite social network may just help get you there…

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