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A tool that tracks pricing trends (estimate sales) for a given product or product category is what Amazon sellers seek while conducting market research for their products. Price monitoring can help you decide how much to invest in a product and whether you should. Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t allow data sharing, and the platform frequently updates its algorithms. Despite best attempts, no seller tool can provide you with 100% accurate sales projections because they all need to stay current with these modifications. To learn more you can Go Now and compare different tools. 

There aren’t any trustworthy third-party websites that compare the accuracy of AMZScout with Jungle Scout. However, according to self-reported data, Jungle Scout is 84.1% accurate, according to an article on AMZScout by a Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) merchant, whereas AMZScout is just 74% accurate. Prior to signing up for Jungle Scout out of excitement, be aware that the website doesn’t explain how these figures were calculated. The FBA seller on AMZScout, meantime, gave anecdotal evidence of how he came to his accuracy predictions. 

In terms of accuracy, AMZScout and Jungle Scout are comparable. It could be a good idea to compare the results to those from other tools, such the free but weirdly named price tracking tool camelcamelcamel. To stay on the safe side, be cautious while ordering new goods to sell on Amazon. Before buying in bulk, try out a tiny batch to gauge how the product performs.

What are the basic features of Amazon tools?

It’s time to concentrate on the features and functionalities of AMZScout vs. Jungle Scout now that we have discussed price and accuracy. By the end of the section, you should know which is better for your company. You may conduct product research directly on Amazon using the convenient Chrome extensions provided by AMZScout and Jungle Scout. 

Determine whether the product you have in mind is likely to be successful and has little competition is the aim. For aspiring business owners, the AMZScout Pro extension provides a wealth of information, including a product score for private label (PL) and resale. The likelihood of a product succeeding increases with its score. You can also get a concise overview of the niche score from AMZScout.

When the numbers fall into the correct spots, Jungle Scout’s Opportunity Score, which offers a similar service, may be quite energizing to behold. Jungle Scout offers relevant product research data to assist you in making an informed decision, just like AMZScout does. The fact that Jungle Scout functions with Firefox is a benefit.

Final thoughts

The extensions of these product research tools function generally similarly and produce comparable outcomes. To gain a clear image, you can test both, and this is where AMZScout might have an advantage. You can use AMZScout Pro for up to 15 usage without having to sign up. Before using any features of Jungle Scout, you must purchase a plan. You have seven days to make up your mind about continuing with Jungle Scout, but the thought of going through the trouble of entering your payment information and then asking for a refund can be unpleasant.

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